Fostering the flow of expertise from academia to industry

Fostering the flow of expertise from academia to industry


Founded in 2015 by PhD students and PostDocs from the Munich area.

Originally founded as career conferences aiming to introduce the landscape of job perspectives in pharmaceutical and biotech companies to young life scientists from the Munich area, InPharma has rapidely evolved in an important platform for various spin-offs. Within the last 2 years InPharma has established fruitful partnerships with the IZB (Innovation and Start-Up Center for Biotechnology), various Graduate Schools from the Munich area, as well as with DGPharMed. Our long-term partnerships enable us to grow as a platform and to expand our activities with just one aim: to promote the flow of expertise from academia to industry.

Join us at one of our events and get inspired by learning from the experience of young entrepreneurs and representatives from the industrial sector about the scope of advancement and development in the field of healthcare industry and biotechnology.   

We are very proud to introduce you to our 3 InPharma spin-offs:

1. Annual InPharma Career Symposium

2. 3Is InPharma Innovation Initiative

3. InPharma Mentoring-Program


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