InPharma Mentoring Program in partnership with DGPharMed and Max Planck Alumni Association (MPAA)


One of the biggest challenges faced by PhD students and Postdocs planning to leave academia is developing a successful strategy to do so. A successful strategy requires among other things knowledge of a professional world difficult to access for the majority of PhD students and Postdocs. InPharma platform plans to contribute for the solution of this problem by developing a mentoring program for young scientists planning to leave academia. We are working together with DGPharMed and Max Planck Alumni Association to recruit highly qualified professionals to be your mentor.



Pilot Phase

We are currently running a pilot of the program, which will last until the end of 2017. Please find below the Facts & Goals of the pilot.


Facts & Goals of the first Pilot

Duration: 09/2016 until 12/2017

Mentees who can apply:

PhD students and Postdocs from the MPIs of Biochemistry, Neurobiology and Psychiatry, as well as from the LMU

Focus: Transition from academia into industry and entrepreneurship

Phases of the pilot: Recruitment, Matching and Mentoring

Final number of mentored mentees: 20

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